Palmer linked to company ignoring mine ban

Mining magnate Clive Palmer is under fire for involvement with a company ignoring a mining ban in the world’s most ecologically diverse marine environment.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Palmer is purchasing nickel laterite for one his Yabula refinery from an Indonesian company that is defying a ban on mining in Raja Ampat.

The ban aims to protect the area that has 75 per cent of the world’s coral species.

There are also accusations the same company has been under-compensating landowners and has paid bribes
for its mining licences.

Landowners receive less than 0.3 per cent of the estimated revenue from the Manuran mine.

Locals say the military has been deployed to protect the commercial interests of the supplier and intimidate people living in the area.

Queensland Nickel sources its nickel from the area that activists have fought to have protected for years.

The Anugerah Suraya Pratama mine, on the island of Manuran has stayed open.

The Herald reports the sister company is also continuing work, despite reciving a court order to desist, at an area on the island of Kawe.

Locals say the environmental impact of mining in the region is huge, as the heavy soil smothers the coral.

Allegations of corruption by local officials have reduced the effectiveness of the decision by the Indonesian government to give special autonomy to increase development for the sake of independence.

Police documents obtained by The Herald show PT ASP and its sister company PT Anugerah Surya Indotama both bribed the district head for their mining permits.

Palmer could not be reached by Australian Mining for comment this morning.


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