Palmer defends carbon tax challenge

Clive Palmer has defended his move to mount a High Court challenge against the Government’s carbon tax following criticism from the Government and some legal experts.

In a statement late yesterday Palmer said the lawsuit represented his democratic right to challenge the Government.

"I am very disappointed in the attitudes of Ms Gillard and Mr Swan. What are they worried about?  Maybe they think a successful challenge will expose them and this ill-conceived tax," he said.

"They think I am a threat to democracy…well I think I am epitomizing what democracy is all about."

"I have the right to appeal to the High Court on legal advice that I have received that the carbon tax is unconstitutional, that’s what the Constitution is set up for."

Palmer has not yet revealed on what grounds he would make the challenge and when questioned about it previously he said he did not know the exact point because he wasn’t a lawyer.

According to AAP law academic Andrew Macintosh doubts Palmer will follow through with the case and constitutional law expert George Williams said it was unusual for someone to announce a High Court challenge without providing some of the grounds.

After Palmer’s announcement he would challenge the carbon tax Treasurer Wayne Swan accused the mining magnate of "dressing up his self-interest as the national interest".

Image: The Brisbane Times

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