Palmer clarifies CSG comments

Clive Palmer has ‘clarified’ his recent statements on coal seam gas.

Speaking at the National Party’s federal council in Canberra earlier this week, Palmer stated that there are concerns regarding the impact of the coal seam gas industry, the Brisbane Times reports.

‘I’ve had [talks] with overseas companies that do extract coal seam gas and are in operations and are using different technologies.

”They’re concerned that maybe the people who are doing it in Australia are not as skilled, not as well trained, and do not have the same technological background that they do,” Palmer said at the time.

”The risk if they don’t get that right is the contamination of the water table with things like arsenic and other carcinogens.

”We don’t want that to happen because that affects stock and it could affect human life when we’re eating the stock and drinking the water.

”I think it will be devastating in certain areas and that’s what we’ve got to worry about,” he added.

However, Palmer has now come out in support of the industry: “Let me be clear, I do support the CSG industry. It is good for this country, and particularly good for Queensland.

“However the Queensland Government and participating mining companies must commit to the best technologies and practices to ensure there is no risk to the environment or human health.

“I have no doubt the majority of CSG operators will be responsible in this space. The government needs to ensure there are clear safety and environmental plans in place,’’ he said.

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