Orica OREPro 3D expands blast tech suite


OREPro 3D is the industry’s first solution that optimises ore control in 3D.

Orica has expanded its portfolio of blast analysis software with OREPro 3D to improve ore recovery, grade and modelling.

As the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the mining sector, Orica offers OREPro 3D as a standalone solution to blast optimisation.

“OREPro 3D uses readily available mine data as inputs, including blast designs, in-situ block models and post-blast muckpile surveys,” Orica stated.

“Sophisticated algorithms then replicate movement dynamics throughout the entire blast volume and calculate SmartVectors that accurately transform the in-situ grade control into a swelled post-blast grade control model.”

Originally founded as Jones, Scott and Co. in 1874 as a supplier of explosives to the Victorian gold fields, improving mine productivity and safety has been the name of the game at Orica for years.

More recently, Orica released another bulk explosive technology called 4D, exemplifying its expertise in the field of blast technology.

Orica chief technology officer Angus Melbourne said these products all combine for a comprehensive offering.

“Orica has a vision of becoming an integrated ore extraction mining services company and we are rapidly building a portfolio of digital technologies to augment our core explosives technologies and solutions and better serve customers,” Melbourne said.

“(OREPro 3D) is a critical enabler to us building an open, secure and connected digital ecosystem that will allow our customers to accurately model and continually improve blast outcomes and the impact on their downstream operations.”

By optimising blast outcomes, ore can be sized for more efficient processing while minimising waste and reducing the number of blasts required.

Orica vice president digital solutions Rajkumar Mathiravedu said the blast technology portfolio was all coming together nicely.

“We’re excited about the OREPro 3D technology as it complements and will soon integrate with our existing suite of market-leading digital blast design, execution and measurement solutions, including SHOTPlus, BlastIQ, FRAGTrack and ORETrack,” Mathiravedu said.

“The integration of these solutions will offer customer’s unrivalled digital workflow solutions from orebody knowledge through to mineral processing.”

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