Orica crushes material measurement with new FRAGTrack


Visualisation: FRAGTrack scans dump truck as it unloads granite into rock crusher. Image: Orica.

Orica has developed FRAGTrack Crusher, a blast fragmentation technology using artificial intelligence (AI) for material measurement during truck tipping.

The Melbourne-based drill and blast technology provider developed FRAGTrack Crusher to meet customer demand for downstream monitoring across the mining value chain.

Orica vice president for digital solutions Raj Mathiravedu said the technology showcases the very best that Orica has to offer.

“The full adoption of AI technology into our architecture, coupled with our strategic partnership with Microsoft, allows us to expedite the delivery of capabilities that were not previously possible, and FRAGTrack Crusher is an example of how we leverage AI to help deliver intelligence and value to our customers,” he said.

Using a hybrid 2D and 3D particle size distribution (PSD) processing method, FRAGTrack Crusher can also be bundled with Orica’s FRAGTrack Conveyor technology to monitor the passage of mined material is in line with expected fragmentation and crushing.

Orica has reported significant global interest in the technology’s rollout and expects it to have a strong future.

“FRAGTrack Crusher has already been gaining traction globally in the mining and quarry markets, where it is being utilised as a critical enabler of blasting optimisation and mine to mill initiatives,” the company stated.

“This signals a significant transformation from the subjective nature of existing manual PSD analysis methods while eliminating the safety concerns of on-bench photography and the extensive time required to manually process and correlate to relevant data sets, including fleet management data to determine the material’s blast of origin.”

The most recent application of FRAGTrack Crusher was at a Tier 1 low-cost gold mine in Western Australia where overall mill performance was optimised using the PSD technology as a key metric.

“The project included installation of a FRAGTrack Conveyor system post crusher, allowing pre and post crusher PSD to be monitored,” Orica stated.

“When combined with a fragmentation improvement process, the FRAGTrack solution enabled a continuous feedback loop that enabled the operation to rapidly optimise blast designs that drive overall project profitability.”

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