Opportunity for Growth with Finest Quality Tools

As the mining boom begins to slow, many people in the mining industry are asking themselves “What is my exit strategy and what can I do after this?”

Whatever your background – even if you’ve had little experience with tools – you can launch a successful new career as a Snap-on Tools franchisee.

Snap-on is renowned for its quality tools and its long history of service and support, and its franchise network offers plenty of opportunity to people who are looking for a change in career or are keen to be their own boss in their own business.

Although many Snap-on franchisees have come from careers as a mechanic, it’s not the only way to get behind the wheel of a Snap-on truck.

Chris Hohnke, in Newcastle NSW, spent 15 years selling insurance and, before that, real estate, before joining Snap-on as a franchisee. He says technical knowledge about tools and car maintenance is not necessarily the most important thing about his job.

“You can teach anyone about tools, but 90% of the business is your attitude and your ability to talk to others. That’s what it comes down to – people skills, because you’re going back and seeing the same customers week after week and talking to them,” Chris says.

Harry Hoff is another franchisee who came to Snap-on from a slightly different route. He knew tools well enough, thanks to a background working in an engineering workshop, but he was a bit of an outsider in the automotive field.

“I had a basic knowledge of general hand tools – your spanners and sockets and so on – but when it came to vehicle-specific equipment, it was a bit of a learning curve.” Harry said.

Snap-on supports its franchisees with business managers and sales development managers, as well as strong back-up from head office. There’s also a good network among the franchisees themselves, many of whom have been in the business for a long time and know the ups and downs.

For more information about the Snap-on Franchise opportunity phone our Franchise Recruitment Manager, Les Coppin 0419 609 794 or visit  www.snapontools.com.au/franchise

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