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While the cost of providing PPE is the last to undergo scrutiny during an industry downturn, a more sensible approach to cost saving is emerging i.e. purchasing based on total cost of ownership. Investing in better safety equipment based on the cost of ownership is not only a safer choice for companies; it’s also a smarter choice to save money.

Under duty of care, there is an obligation to providing improved products. Wearers and management benefit when safety and comfort increase as costs are reduced over time.

It can be difficult for people to believe that the period when they are at their best and fittest is when they should be wearing protective equipment. It’s not necessary to retire later with no energy, an aching back, White Finger or any other injuries common to industry.

Aside from PPE purchasing costs, total cost of ownership takes into account staff sickies, replacement and retraining, substantial costs pushing up the price of operations. Getting the right gear and making the task as pleasant and safe as possible can reduce these costly elements, in addition to improving self-worth and productivity around the workplace.

Did you know that wearing negative pressure respirators makes you tired, where four hours of the equipment can translate to a full day? These negative pressure respirators result in tiredness, which can result in a greater chance for accidents to occur in addition to lost productivity. UK standards suggest positive pressure respirators should be worn when respiratory protection is required for more than an hour, in Australia we are currently advising 2 hours.

Did you also know that heat stress is not as high on the priority list as it should be considering the worst case scenario for severe exposure is death? In Australia, heat stress from climatic conditions should be considered in the same light as high heat applications, including smelting, casting steel and glass manufacturing and firefighting.

There are many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cooling from industrial versions of the widely used car racing Cool-Shirts (reticulated ice water), phase change gel, feathered ice, evaporative and vortex air cooling. Personal protective equipment involves anything used or worn by a person to minimise risk to the person’s health or safety and includes a wide range of clothing and safety equipment.

Equipment and vehicle vibration plays havoc with joints, nerves and body organs when operating Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) tools and equipment. Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome is the medical term for symptoms caused by vibration damages that may occur in the fingers, hands and arms when working with vibrating tools or machinery. The most common being Renaud’s disease (White Finger) and carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI), these debilitating injuries can result in life long pain and cause sufferers to be relegated to existing rather than living life. Imagine having to retrain because you can no longer follow your chosen career and worse still have to watch rather than participate in pleasure activities.

If your employees or you are exposed to vibration it is vital to minimise the effect it has. Choosing the right solution is imperative to a good outcome so question if the anti-vibration gloves you select are fit for purpose. Far too often we hear that impact/mechanics gloves designed for Impact issues are being used for vibration issues and at minimum these will not protect and potentially they will make matters worse. Gloves marked anti-vibration that are just thicker (multiple layers of material) or have just had a squirt of gel added won’t do. Gloves that pass the A/V Standards ANSI S2.73-2002 (R2007)/ ISO 10819:1996 certifications requires that a glove labelled "anti-vibration" must reduce vibration in the middle (31.5 – 200 Hz) and high frequency (200 – 1250 Hz) ranges produced by many power tools.

Full body vibration often occurs when operating heavy plant, diggers, dozers, bobcats, trucks forklifts, sweepers & roads laying equipment. Drivers of buses, coaches and semi-trailers are also exposed to whole body vibration.  

Plant superintendents, CEO’s and financial controllers are looking to invest in better and safer products that are cost effective. By increasing staff safety, efficiency, comfort and the feeling of self-worth amongst their employees and stakeholders, employers can enjoy lower costs of ownership and duty of care as better safety equipment is implemented in the company.

Only The Best Products (OTB) prides itself on supplying competitively priced products that are the best of their type. With OTB’s philosophy of only providing products that offer performance and durability, they rely on clients who appreciate the cost effective argument. The best performance and durability results in increased savings in PPE costs for businesses working with OTB.

Ensure that your equipment is the most effective available. This is especially important when safety products are required. The products supplied on the website ( have a large amount of research and development behind each type.

Click here to download the whitepaper A positively powered solution to laboured breathing. For more information or to request data sheets, call 1300 310 210 or visit the website above.

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