Online mining tenement application lodging in WA

The West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has released its new electronic lodgement system.

Developed as part of the Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme, DMP director general Richard Sellers stated that it has already received positive feedback.

“This online system further improves DMP service by allowing proponents to submit applications remotely,” Sellers said.

Included in the latest refurbishment of the system is the ability to submit a selection of tenements forms online through e-lodgement.

Stage 1 of the system includes operations reports (Form 5); objections (Form 16); applications for exemption (Form 18); and applications for mining tenements (Form 21).

“The new system will eventually include electric lodgement of all forms associated with the Mining Act,” he said.

On top of the new electronic system, the Mining Regulations have also been changed to permit lodgement of forms at any of the ten Mineral Titles offices through the state.

“Prior to the introduction of this regulation amendment, companies could only lodge forms at the physical office of the Mining Registrar responsible for the mining district,” Seller said.

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