Online geologist education campus created

 The Australian Institute of Geologists (AIG) and EduMine will establish an ‘online campus’ which provides geologists access to development resources.

According to AIG president Andrew Waltho, "there are a wide range of courses available, covering technical topics spanning a variety of geoscientific fields, to issues becoming increasing important to geoscientists particularly in the exploration sector such as building relationships with community stakeholders and earning a social licence to operate. 

" The AIG-EduMine campus, combined with seminars, conferences, hands-on short courses and less-formal but topical presentations organised by AIG regularly throughout Australia will provide members with the resources to help them stay abreast of developments and standards of best practice in their respective fields”.

Waltho went on to say that the delivery of short courses on-line "allows members to enhance their skills whenever they have the opportunity, wherever they happen to be".

Some of EduMine’s have already been certified as providing credit towards the attainment of postgrad qualifications in mining through several universities.


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