One in ten miners on legal drugs

An average of 10% of all miners tested were positive for synthetic cannabis following a recent drug blitz on West Australian mines.

Chemcentre confirmed that there is a widespread usage of synthetic cannabis Kronic on mines after 80 tests showed positive results for average of 10% of miners, and up to 30% at some mines, according to The West Australian.

Currently the drug is sold legally in Western Australia, and can not be detected by normal drug tests.
It has sparked concern through out the State’s Government, which is considering whether to ban its sale.

Premier Colin Barnett previously announced that "if [kronic] is harmful and has the same harmful effects as cannabis, which includes all sorts of physical and mental effects, then we would look at whether it should be available for sale here.

Some mines have already begun testing for the drug, which has similar effects to cannabis and is reportedly ten times stronger than marijuana, following The West Australian’s expose last month.

Chemcentre spokesperson Sarah Lau added that some mines have already instated policies banning the drug on site.

"Mine sites are now developing individual policies, and this testing has given them a snapshot of use in their workforce," she said.

The legal drug, Kronic, can be bought over the counter.
In a recent New Zealand expose, a journalist bought Kronic over the counter and filmed its effects.

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