Office damaged as protestors target uranium miner

Anti-uranium protesters damaged a mining company’s office today in a bid to halt the production of uranium in Western Australia.

A statement released by Toro Energy said 6-7 protestors were allowed into the company’s reception area of its West Perth office where the damage took place.

"The protestors then emptied three bags of dyed yellow sand onto the floor and proceeded to spread it throughout the office,” the statement said.

"During this time, protestors intimidated and filmed Toro staff, and refused to cease filming when requested to do so.

"Police were called and the protestors were escorted from the building.”

Protesters were also at the mining company's annual general meeting in Adelaide today to try and change the mind of shareholders regarding uranium mining, The ABC reported.

The Conservation Council of WA said shareholders were being misled by false information surrounding the uranium sector.

The council's Mia Pepper said the AGM was being targeted to provide balance on the issue.

Young and new uranium companies promote a rising uranium price and an increase in nuclear power, and all the evidence suggests that's not true," she said.

"So we're here to provide a bit of balance and say 'do you know about these figures, have they told you about these reactors that are closing down, these countries that are stopping nuclear power?'."

Protestors marched outside of Toro Energy's offices after the West Australian government approved the miner's Wiluna uranium project in October.

A decision by the Federal Government on Toro’s Wiluna project ,which will become the first uranium mine in the state, is expected in the coming weeks.

Image: ABC

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