Oaky Creek North takes title of Australia’s top coal mine rescue team

Oaky Creek North have done Glencore proud and won the national Mines Rescue Competition, held at Oakey Creek North yesterday.

Competition chief assessor and Queensland Mines Rescue Service operations manager Ray Smith said the competition was very close.

With ten teams in attendance the competition was close, there was only a 70 point spread between eight teams teams (850 points available to each team).

“It was actually quite good, we haven’t had such a close competition in a long time,” Smith said.

"The day was very well run, everything went smoothly," he said.

The competition was attended by four teams from NSW, four teams from Queensland, and one team from Tasmania.

The scores were as follows:

1  Oaky North 764

2  Broadmeadow 760

3  Crinum 744

4  SMRS 726 Appin Colliery

5  Kestrel 725

6  WMRS 715 Angus Place

7  Newcastle 698

8  HVMRS 694 North Wambo

9  Tasmania 586

The Oaky Creek North rescue team recently returned from Poland where they competed in the International Mines Rescue Competition alongside one other Australian team, the Kestrel mine rescue team, which secured third place in the Simulated Rescue exercise.

Oaky Creek North placed seventh overall in the International competition, a superb result given the top five places went to Polish teams who were already familiar with local laws, procedures and equipment.

The Kestrel team placed ninth overall, which was also a significant achievement for representing mining rescue standards in Australia.

Oaky Creek North team manager Scott Dobbie said he was extremely pleased with their performance.

“It was a good result, the boys were very pumped about winning last night as well, two back to back results, they’re a very good team,” he said.

Images: QMRS

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