Oakajee may be export point for uranium

Oakajee chief believes port a potential export point for uranium.

West Australian premier Colin Barnett will not rule out Oakajee Port being an export point for uranium.

Following Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) chief John Langoulant’s suggestions that Oakajee would be a suitable port for the export of uranium, Barnett said while the port has not been proposed for export of the mineral he would not rule out the possibility, according to the West Australian.

“I can’t rule it out forever but Oakajee is not intended to be a uranium export point,” Barnett said.

However, any uranium exported through the State would be a small amount and is more likely to be exported via ports in neighbouring states.

“Oakajee could handle any material but just the economics say uranium will go out through the Northern Territory or South Australia in conjunction with the bigger operating mines,” Barnett said.

Langoulant outlined the potential for Oakajee to export uranium due to the relative isolation of the port, as any plans to export the material through a port in a populated area would most likely face serious opposition.

The port is expected begin operations in 2014.

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