Nude protest at NSW coal mine

A group of protesters have hit the coal mining industry front on with a nude protest at a remote NSW coal mine.

Protesters ditched their clothes at around 6am this morning to the shock of miners showing up for work.

Police are at the scene, however Australian Mining understands the protesters, three men and 5 women, refuse to put their clothes back on and have locked onto a gate on the site.

The group behind the protest, Community Liberation Against Coal Association (CLACA), says coal mining is destroying the environment.

Group spokesman Richard Smalls said the activists were prepared to bare all for the cause.

“We will stay nude for days if we have to,” Smalls said.

“Coal mining is a dirty business and the juxtaposition of our clean, naked bodies next to this mine is the perfect way to send the message that mining needs to end.”

Australian Mining will keep readers abreast of any changes throughout the day.


[Yes, if you haven't guess it by now, this is an obvious April Fool's story. Enjoy. From the AM team]

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