NSW Scandium mine given the green light

Image: www.scandiummining.com

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has approved the development of EMC Metals’ Nyngan Scandium Mine project in New South Wales.

It is Australia’s first Scandium mine, according to the ABC.

The mine is expected to employ 75 people in the region, with an additional 60 workers required during construction. It is projected to generate up to $12.4 million for the local economy over the next 21 years.

“The new Nyngan mine proposes to meet a growing global demand for a once overlooked resource material and produce up to 45 tonnes of scandium oxide a year, for 21 years,” DMP director of resource assessments, Clay Preshaw, said.

The mine will extract 1.5 million tonnes of material from two 10ha open cut pits.

Preshaw added that mining activity “will be limited to specific campaigns and will only occur up to three times in one year”.

“The approved timeframe for these mining campaigns are between three to five weeks.”

The mine approval involved strict conditions including a road intersection upgrade to ensure safe vehicle access to the mine and the development of an accommodation strategy for incoming mine workers.

The company must also contribute $125,000 each year to the Bogan Council for local community services and to ensure local road upgrades are also completed.

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