NSW planning framework scrutinised

NSW may lose millions from coal projects in the Hunter Valley.

NSW may lose millions of dollars of investment from coal projects in the Hunter Valley because of an inadequate planning framework, the NSW Minerals Council has said.

General manager of policy and strategy at the NSW Minerals Council Sue-Ern Tan said almost 600 pieces of legislation, teamed with guidelines and codes of practice are “jeopardising” the mining industry through poor policy.

“Legislation, regulations and guidelines has resulted in unacceptable regulatory duplications and delays with the process,” she said.

The Hunter Region is renowned for its coal production and is home to the largest coal exporting harbour in the world.

“The minerals industry provides long-term revenue stream for the NSW Government and obviously the Hunter Valley and the Newcastle region is an important part of that contribution,” she said.

The MCA is calling on the NSW Government to minimise processing times and requirements to benefit the industry and State’s economy.

“There’s just no value in the Government jeopardising this industry,” she said. “It’s just getting rid of red tape and duplication.”

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