NSW mining industry supports Kronic ban

The decision by the New South Wales government to ban synthetic cannabis products has been welcomed by the state’s leading industry body.

The ban on Kronic in NSW followed similar legislation being introduced in Western Australia and Queensland, following reports one in 10 miners are using the substance, even while working.

The move has been labelled “unconstitutional” by distributers.

NSW Minerals Council chief executive Nikki Williams said the ban is not only focused on the mining and resources sectors.

“While the minerals sector has been raising potential health and safety concerns about the use of Kronic, it’s not peculiar to our industry and is an issue for the whole community,” she said.

“Safety is the mining industry’s number one priority.

“We are concerned by the use of any substance, legal or otherwise, that can impair a person’s ability to work safely or that would risk the safety of their colleagues or members of the community.”

Williams said the industry is continually working to ensure drugs and alcohol are not used by mine workers.

“The minerals sector has rigorous drug and alcohol testing regimes and fitness for work policies in place.

“It is important that policies and regimes are regularly reviewed, and where necessary, adapted to capture any new and potentially harmful drugs such as synthetic cannabis.

She said through Coal Services Pty Ltd, the industry has established systems to test for the substance, which will be implemented in a matter of weeks.



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