NSW Minerals Council accuses anti CSG activists of fear campaign


The peak mining organisation has launched a campaign to defend coal seam gas extraction from opposition by environmental activists.

According to NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee, "activists and extremists" are using fear, rather than facts, to further an anti-mining agenda.

To counter these attacks the council is planning to hit the air-waves with a TV ad campaign.

"The campaign … is being launched as part of the industry's ongoing efforts to improve community understanding of the NSW mining industry," Mr Galilee said in a statement yesterday.

Yesterday, around 300 residents rallied in Campbelltown and called on the NSW government to protect drinking water, local communities and farmland from CSG development.

Last month the NSW government announced that there will be a two-kilometre "buffer zone" around residential areas and exclusion zones around horse breeders and wine producers.

The rally was organised by Councillor Fred Borg. Denying that he was engaging in fear-mongering, he said, "[The Minerals Council] is just trying to protect the almighty dollar, they don't have any concerns about our health."

According to Galilee, mining accounts for only about 0.1 per cent of the state's land, compared to 76 per cent for agriculture, 7.6 per cent for conservation and national parks and 1.8 per cent for homes and urban development.

He said that NSW got an excellent economic return from the land used for mining and employed 80,000 people in NSW. 


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