NSW mine suspended over failure to pay rehabilitation fees

A Port Macquarie based mine has been ordered to suspend all mining operations after failing to pay its environmental rehabilitation deposit.

Macquarie Marble and Lime was issued a suspension notice on Monday by the New South Wales Resources Regulator after it failed to pay $23,500 of the required $85,000 security deposit to ensure mine rehabilitation is completed when operations cease.

Acting chief compliance officer Anthony Keon said the company has had time to make arrangements to pay the deposit.

“While the amount outstanding may be relatively small, the company’s continued operation in non-compliance with the Act is untenable,” he said.

“The regulator has decided to take strong action to suspend mining operations until the company can regain compliance.”

Macquarie Marble has been ordered to suspend all mining operations until the outstanding security bond is paid.

Keon added that if the company fails to pay the outstanding deposit, it could result in further action such as cancellation by the Resources Regulator.

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