NSW launches new planning green paper

The NSW Government has released a new green paper to reform the state's current planning system and cut down on over regulation.

According to the state its report A New Planning System for NSW "sets out its proposals to reform the NSW planning system.

"The Green Paper proposes 23 ‘transformative changes’ to the planning system to move from a heavily regulated and prescriptive system to a simpler, strategic and transparent system which will include a Public Participation Charter."

This paper is reportedly the government's response to an independent panel that last year reviewed the existing planning systems and created a two volume report entitled The Way Ahead for Planning in NSW, which contained more than 370 recommendations.

The news was welcomed by the NSW Minerals Council, which called the green paper a "positive first step".

Acting NSWMC CEO Sue-Ern Tan explained that it was important to focus on strategic planning and streamlining the approvals process for major projects and "drive rather than hinder growth in this State.

"A rejuvenated planning system is NSW’s gateway to greater growth, jobs and economic benefits,” Tan said.

"The NSW Minerals Council has been calling for a planning system that enables responsible mining development, not by tying projects up in red tape, but by facilitating the appropriate checks and balances and thorough consultation with the community."

Tan went on to say that "by addressing longstanding planning inefficiencies and cutting red tape, the Government can capitalise on these opportunities and boost this State’s credentials as an attractive place to invest".

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