NSW Land and Water Commissioner for strategic land use welcomed

The NSW Minerals Council has "cautiously welcomed" the NSW's Government's announcement of the creation of a new Land and Water Commissioner to aid in strategic land use.

Stephen Galilee, the NSWMC chairman, said if implemented properly then this new position will help the planning process and provide certainty for land use industries.

"We’re yet to examine the detail, but broadly speaking, we hope this new role will provide increased confidence and certainty within the assessment process," Galilee said.

"The NSW mining industry is also keen to ensure that this new position does not add an extra layer of bureaucracy to what is already a very complex assessment and approvals system.

"We hope this new position will be a step towards the NSW Government fulfilling their recent budget commitment to tackle the backlog of project planning approvals."

It will seek to have the new commissioner develop a standardised land access agreement for mining, Galilee adding that the NSW Minerals Council, NSW Farmers Association and the NSW Government have already negotiated a template Land Access Agreement for minerals exploration

"The NSW Minerals Council believes it is in the public interest for the template Land Access Agreement for Minerals Exploration to be released immediately. This would assist landowners and provide greater certainty for all.

"A lot of misinformation has been circulated about mining in NSW and it is absolutely critical that the new Land and Water Commissioner contributes to a greater public understanding of the facts."

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