Nothing worth saving at Bimblebox: Palmer

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has reiterated claims the Bimblebox reserve is not worth saving from mining development.

ABC News reports Palmer said there was nothing in the Bimblebox region worth protecting.

"There really isn't a reserve there, there's no endangered species there, there's none that's been seen and has been qualified," he said.

Last year around 15 black-throated finches, reportedly an endangered species, were recorded in the region.

According to the ABC Palmer also claimed Bimblebox had a low level of environment protection.

"Under that grading you're allowed to mine it, build on it, build houses on it, do anything on it," he said.

Protestors claim a Nature Refuge Agreement was signed with the Queensland Government in 2003, which is "the highest level of protection that can be afforded to private land in Queensland".

Protestors also claim Bimblebox is home to abundant native wildlife and vegetation.

Palmer has further rubbished environmental concerns on the basis that Bimblebox has already been developed by the agriculture industry and is no longer unspoiled country.

But protestors claim the area "serves as an outstanding example of the coexistence of cattle production and biodiversity conservation".

The $8 billion Waratah Coal project slated for the region plans to export 40 million tonnes of coal annually, earning an extra $1 billion for the Queensland and Federal Governments.

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