Not All Wear Parts Are Created Equal

In the competitive economic environment, businesses are being forced to consider their financial outlay against their production efficiencies. 

The pressure is on to get higher returns and productivity from any investments. Unfortunately, this pressure can cause businesses to push their assets and equipment beyond capacity, resulting in increased equipment and part damage, and leading to additional costs from downtime, maintenance and lost productivity.

It is for this exact reason that price and cost must not be confused. The concept of price is vastly different to the concept of cost; price may be considered as what is paid for parts or equipment upfront, whereas cost is this price extrapolated out over time – which then can be directly related to hours of operation or tonnes of material moved.

For better quality, higher grade materials, the initial purchase price may be regarded as higher, but if it lasts longer and hence requires replacing less often or avoids unscheduled maintenance, then the cost may be considered lower. The advantage of staying up and running are countless.

When it comes to specifying materials for use in structures and components that are subject to wear, material selection is therefore critical to the return on upfront investment.

Hard and tough wear plates

Specifically, a better quality, longer lasting wear plate can provide numerous benefits, including an increased and more predictable service life, and reduced costs, maintenance and downtime. If extending life is not required or not practical (as wear parts may need to tie up with other components for scheduled maintenance), a reduced thickness may be used – and thus reducing weight – resulting in associated productivity and fuel saving) to achieve the same life.

Hardox steels are industry leading materials – providing a unique combination of hardness and toughness, allowing for smarter, lighter structures with extreme performance and extended service life. Extending the service life of your equipment by two, three, five, ten times or more is like money in the bank.

Welder friendlyThe unique performance of Hardox wear plate is combined with exceptional weldability. Any conventional welding methods can be used for welding these steels to any type of weldable steel due to the nature of the steel achieving its hardness through pure materials and the quenching process rather than elevated levels of alloying elements. All grades of thinner gauge Hardox may be welded with zero pre-heat, with some pre-heat and special considerations required for thicker materials. It is also possible to weld all grades of Hardox with no-preheat through the use of a stainless steel wire such as AWS 307 or 309 – increasing workshop productivity and reducing the amount of hot-work.

Workshop friendlyThe consistency and cleanliness of Hardox enables predictability in the workshop, meaning machine settings and other specifications don’t need to change from plate to plate. Hardox is machinable, bendable/formable and weldable.

Predictable The state of the art roller water quenching process ensures consistent hardness through plates, and thus consistent and predictable wear properties.  

But Hardox is not just a material. Hardox is supported by a network of local manufacturing businesses – Hardox Wearparts Centres – and technical support experts who will work with end-users and manufacturing businesses to help resolve wear issues and work to improve wear life and productivity. They also assist with the material selection process, helping users to select the most productive and cost effective material and tailored solution to help maximise productivity and uptime.

To find out more about Hardox and Hardox Wearparts, visit or contact an expert at your local centre:

Hardox Wearparts Hobart – Hazell Bros 0428 122 870
Hardox Wearparts Melbourne – Australian Steel 03 9580 2200
Hardox Wearparts Perth – BluPoint 1300 447 558
Hardox Wearparts Townsville – NQHF 07 4782 0144
Hardox Wearparts Wellington – Real Steel 0800 732 578

Hardox Wearparts is an aftermarket offering from SSAB – a Nordic and US-based steel company and the exclusive producer of Hardox. A global network of independent manufacturing and repair businesses – with more than 150 centres, and in more than 50 countries, there is always a Hardox Wearparts Centre close to you.

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