Normet updates its concrete simulator training

Normet has released a new generation of underground concrete spraying training simulators.

While the use of training simulators have been prevalent throughout the industry for a number of years there was only a fairly limited selection of simulated training environments.

Now Normet has expanded this capacity, developing new environments where underground spraying can be practised, including mines, tunnels, and even an operator's own scanned environment.

There is also a wide range of Normet tunnelling and mining sprayers to choose from, including the Spraymec 8100 VC, Spraymec 6050, 1050 WPC, MF 050 VC or Alpha 30.

"In the pre-training scenario trainee learns how to manipulate spraying boom with machines original radio control," Normet said. 

"After familiarised basic boom movements with radio-control joysticks, can trainee start to pierce balloons with spraying nozzle tip. When spraying boom manipulation start to be fluent, basic spraying techniques exercise can be started. It is instructive exercise with spraying order/path, distance and angle rehearsals."

The spraying exercises include spraying in a straight tunnel, at a tunnel's end, inside a curved tunnel, or in a tunnel's cross section.

"Competition mode is also available under training scenarios, as little competition can always improve performance," the company added.

The new simulators have better quality graphics and visual indicators that aid in training.

According to Normet the simulators visual aids include coloured markers that show, when spraying,coloured concrete layers indicating the thickness of the concrete sprayed i.e. red layer – too thick, green layer – perfect and blue layer – too thin.

It also has a nozzle angle indicator show nozzle distance from that wall to teach distance in spraying.

Normet added that "after each exercise detailed individual operator report based on performance can be printed out or transferred as a text file. Report includes information with informative pictures and graphs, on the accuracy of concrete thickness, sprayed concrete quality, nozzle distance and angle accuracy. 

"It also shows material usage, rebound, efficiency (sprayed area per hour), excessive accelerator and concrete usage and costs based on spraying parameters adjusted before exercise.

"In average trainees who have undergone Normet Academy’s simulator training has shown an improvement in operator efficiency by 23 per cent," the company added.

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