Nolan’s Bore rare earths

Arafura Resources has proposed to develop a new mining operation at Nolan's Bore, 135 km north of Alice Springs.

Arafura Resources Limited has proposed to develop a new mining operation at Nolan’s Bore, 135 km north of Alice Springs.

The resource is expected to host rare earths, with a life of 20 years.

Rare earth elements are used for the production of many electronic devices, including mobile phones, lap top computers and plasma and Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) used for televisions and computers, and are a key component in rechargeable batteries and magnets in electric motors.

The production of high quality rare earth and phosphoric acid products requires the extraction, and production, of a small amount of uranium product.

Northern Territory Environment Minister Alison Anderson’s predecessor determined that the proposal to develop a new mine, build workers’ accommodation, transport ore and transfer processing residues from the railhead back to the mine site for storage is environmentally significant, requiring formal assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act 1982.

The proposed Nolan’s Project Mine was determined to be a controlled action under the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The project will be assessed under a Bilateral Agreement between the Australian Government and the Northern Territory Government.

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