No more snags and sauce for FMG workers

Pilbara miner Fortescue Metals Group has resorted to cutting snags and sauce, stationary, coffee, and other staff benefits in order to save money.

According to The Wall Street Journal FMG has advised workers that times are tough and it will no longer pay for the occasional barbeque for its Port Hedland workers.

Sauce and other BBQ supplies have also been cut.

"The condiments and items to facilitate BBQs will not be replaced once they are used," a FMG memo dated September 5 read.

According to the WSJ Fortescue has also asked workers to bring their own cutlery to work because the "current spend in this area" is being reevaluated.

Colour printing and coffee machines are also under review, and the stationary cupboard is set to be locked.

Workers have also been told not to lash-out on airport parking.

"No Port Fortescue vehicles are to be parked at the Port Hedland Airport unless it is in the 30 minutes or less section and free," FMG said.

Finally, a number of company camping vans are up for sale for around $35,000 to $45,000.

Employees will have first pick of the vans before they're offered to the public.

Early this month FMG deferred expansions, sold assets, and made considerable staff layoffs in other efforts to stay profitable.

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