Nifty resumes bogging operations after miner death

In the wake of the accidental death of a bogger operator, Aditya Birla have announced a restart to operations at the Nifty copper mine.

All operations except for open stope bogging operations were restarted on May 14.

The company has now restarted open stope bogging operations, with the exception of the stope where a worker was killed on May 11.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) have undertaken investigations into the incident, but have not released any reports detailing circumstances of the accident.

The identity of the worker has not been revealed, however the West Australian has published reports stating the victim was contractor aged 46 years old.

The Nifty death was followed quickly by another death on May 15, this time at the Newcrest Telfer mine, located less than 70 kilometres from the Nifty mine.

In that instance 28 year old Josh Martin was killed while operating an EWP basket during charging operations.

The DMP released an interim report into Martin’s death only six days after the incident.

It is understood on the basis of reports from his family that Josh Martin was acquainted with the man killed at Nifty, and had expressed feelings of distress at the news in the lead up to his own accidental death.

Josh Martin was an employee of blasting contractor Dyno Nobel, and had previous experience as a bogger operator.

Another accidental death occurred on the Sunday (May 17) following the Telfer accident, in which a 36 year old man was trapped by a hydraulic arm at the Sun Metals zinc refinery in Queensland, marking one of the worst weeks in the Australian resources sector.

Unions WA have called for a royal commission into mining deaths in WA, however their requests have been criticised by mines minister Bill Marmion and commerce minister Michael Mischin.

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