Next-generation mine hoist control system from ABB

Global technology company ABB is introducing a new standardised hoist control system for use by mining companies worldwide.

Building on ABB’s reliable and proven past generations of hoist control systems, the ABB Ability NGX Hoist Control brings new levels of reliability, flexibility, and ease of use to smaller companies on greenfield projects or upgrades. It can also help larger companies reduce costs and improve efficiencies through standardisation of control systems.

It is adaptable to any type of hoist and can be used in upgrade projects replacing third-party control systems. The NGX operating station was designed with the latest ergonomic and human factors engineering guidelines and is based on the latest human machine interface (HMI) insights, offering the most modern and intuitive operator interface.

It can be easily integrated with other market leading ABB technologies including ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoists – the first fully SIL 3 certified hoist solutions which ensure the highest level of safety – which was first commissioned in 2019 on the world’s largest friction hoists.

It is also compatible with advanced digital monitoring service ABB Ability Performance Optimisation for hoists which continuously tracks the status of a mine hoist and improves uptime, availability, performance and productivity by providing actionable information on key performance indicators and provides remote access to ABB experts at all times.

ABB draws on more than 130 years of experience in the mining industry and is a pioneer in the integration of electrification, automation and digitalisation in mining.

ABB is the sole supplier of complete mine hoist systems. ABB mine hoist solutions provide the lowest possible life cycle cost, the highest possible reliability and system availability, short project execution time, and a single source of supply for complete systems, including service and spare parts.


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