News outlet apologises to Lynas

Malaysian news outlet Free Malaysia Today has issued an apology to Lynas Corporation for its coverage of the company's rare earths processing plant in Kuantan.

Earlier this week the independent outlet said it had previously published articles criticising Lynas that had no factual basis.

"We refer to the articles previously published by us which claim that the Lynas plant may be unsafe," it said.

"We apologise for these publications as such claims do not have a scientific basis."

"The regulatory review of the Lynas plant has been thorough and diligent."

Lynas has been battling significant community opposition to the development of its processing plant in Malaysia, and announced defamation action against Free Malaysia Today earlier this year.

A Lynas spokesperson told Australian Mining it could not confirm whether FMT's apology was the result of legal action.

Lynas has also launched defamation action against protest group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas and yesterday the group said the apology would have "no bearing" on its opposition to the company.

"SMSL is committed to fighting Lynas until the end, including the Lynas defamation suit," it said.

The protest group said it had "reliable information and relevant professional experts" to back its claims that the company's plant was unsafe.

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