Newcrest contracts DXN for Cadia data centre

Newcrest Mining's Cadia mine.

Newcrest Mining has awarded DXN a contract worth approximately $1.5 million for the supply of a data centre at the Cadia gold mine in New South Wales.

The contract involves the design, build, shipment and installation of the complete data centre to incorporate critical infrastructure for mining requirements.

The modular data centre will be factory built, fully engineered and prefabricated by DXN.

DXN chief executive Matthew Madden said the team was thrilled to have secured the contract, showcasing all the value-adds that DXN brought to the forefront.

“With travel restrictions a reality we will live with for some time yet, this is the way of the future with data centre builds, engineered to be modular, prefabricated and shipped all around the world,” Madden said.

“During the course of the formal evaluation … we also proved that with our entire supply chain within our control and within Australia, we were able to deliver to match the customer’s expectations in terms of timeframes.”

Newcrest produced 843,000 ounces of gold and 96,000 tonnes of copper during the 2020 financial year at Cadia.

The company aims to increase the nameplate capacity of Cadia process plant to 33 million tonnes a year through the first stage of the Cadia expansion project.

The second stage will be focussed on further increasing the capacity to 35 million tonnes a year.

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