Newcastle council demand infrastructure for Kooragang development

The Newcastle city council has called for new infrastructure before any development of the Kooragang Island coal export terminal occurs.

Councillor Michael Osborne claimed that Industrial Drive would be choked by traffic if the container terminal was approved at the former BHP site without any new road or rail infrastructure in place, the Newcastle Herald reports.

The council support a notice of motion by Osborne, which sough the construction of a portside rail link to the old BHP site from Sandgate junction.

“We’re calling for infrastructure to be put in up-front for a problem that we know is going to happen,” Osborne said.

“What needs to happen is they need to look at the port as a whole.

“I think it’s a dumb idea for this city that we have this skew towards coal when we could be doing a whole lot of other things with our port and diversifying it.”

The council also supported road upgrades on Kooragang Island, as well as dust monitoring sites in suburbs surrounding the port.

Coal magnate Nathan Tinkler is currently pushing for the development of the former BHP site into a new coal loading site.

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