New wet gas discovery in South Australia

A Drillsearch Energy and Santos joint venture have made a new gas discovery in the Cooper Basin.

The Emery-1 near-field exploration well in PEL 513, on the Western West Gas Fairway, was drilled to a depth of 3262 meters and showed gas from 2641 to 3174 metres, with stacked reservoirs identified.

Preliminary petrophysical interpretation of wireline logs calculated approximately 18.6 metres of net pay across several zones in the Patchawarra Formation, with a gross interval of 533 metres and approximately 7.7 metres of net pay in the Tirrawarra Sandstone with a gross interval of 37 metres.

Additionally, several zones with potential for unconventional pay were also observed. 

"Based on the results of this preliminary analysis, Emery-1 has been cased and suspended as a future gas producer," Drillsearch said in a company statement.

"Emery-1 [is] our sixth wet gas discovery with Santos and our eight this year overall," Drillsearch MD Brad Lingo said.

This discovery is located seven kilometres and 10.3 kilometres from the Moonanga-1 and Raven-1 wells respectively, both of which are Santos operating gas fields.

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