New Weldmatic 250i, 350i and 500i welding machines

Leading welding supply company WIA Welding Industries of Australia has introduced three new inverter models to its industry-leading Weldmatic range of MIG and multi-process welding machines.

Based on inverter technology, the new welding machines, the 250i, 350i and 500i feature sophisticated electronic controls, high frequency switching and high frequency transformers to achieve consistent and controlled weld output for the professional welder.

While the Weldmatic 250i is a 240V multi-process industrial welder suitable for regular repair and maintenance work, the 350i and 500i multipurpose machines are designed for MIG, Stick and Lift-Arc TIG welding in medium to heavy fabrication and all general industrial applications.

Weldmatic 250i

Suitable for everyday use by vehicle smash and exhaust repairers, fencing contractors and general maintenance applications in workshops and factories as well as on construction and mine sites, the Weldmatic 250i is a portable welding machine that can handle MIG, Stick and Lift-TIG welding, and is capable of gas shielded welding of aluminium, mild and stainless steel, as well as gas shielded cored wires and gasless flux-cored wires.

Key features and benefits of the Weldmatic 250i include a control panel allowing easy selection of gas and wire type, with infinitely variable voltage and wire speed indicated on the digital display; 4-roll wire drive improving wire feed consistency and accommodating 15kg wire spools; and lower operating costs for light industrial users with 15kg spools.

The Weldmatic 250i welding machine is supplied with a tradesman quality MIG gun and 3.6m cable complete with euro connector for easy fitting and removal, 3m work lead, an industrial twist lock electrode holder, gas regulator, a range of welding tips and suitable drive rollers. Weighing just 25.5kg, the 250i also comes with two handles, making it an easy two-person lift and suitable for onsite maintenance applications.

Weldmatic 350i and 500i

The top end of the Weldmatic range, the 350i and 500i multipurpose three-phase welding machines are designed for MIG, Stick and Lift-Arc TIG welding in various industrial applications. The 60% duty cycles offered by the 350A and 500A machines meet the professional welder’s demand for flexibility, power, and long run welding work.

Key features of the Weldmatic 350i and 500i welding machines include optimal weld characteristics delivering high quality results on steel, stainless steel and aluminium; ample power to comfortably run all popular sizes of solid and flux cored wires; capacity to run 1.6mm flux cored wire allowing a wide range of applications to be handled; variable arc control with infinite Voltage and Arc Control to adjust arc harshness and Arc Start to control the wire starting speed; 32A supply plug provided along with digital Volt and Amp meters, which retain last weld information and allow precise set-up; 4-roll drive wire feeder (heavy duty on the 500i) and a trolley with a drawer specifically designed for the machines; and high quality US-manufactured consumables.

Both the welding torches and the Bernard Centerfire 0.9mm welding tips are premium quality and designed for long life and quality welds. The package also includes a 3.6m gun cable, a 10m work lead, an industrial twist lock electrode holder, a 10m interconnecting lead, a gas holder and suitable drive rollers.

Safety is ensured in Weldmatic’s 250i, 350i and 500i welding machines, with built-in VRDs (Voltage Reduction Devices) that deliver additional safeguards when operating in Stick or Lift-TIG mode and meet the requirements of site work to AS60974.1 and AS1674.2 CAT C. Built-in operator safety is assured with the power sources featuring thermal protection devices that activate if the machines are operated beyond their safe thermal operating zones.

All Weldmatic machines are supported by an Australia-wide service network covering parts and labour as standard, providing customers with the assurance of reliability and performance. While the 250i features a two-year unlimited warranty on its power source, the 350i and 500i models offer an industry-leading full three-year gold-shield warranty on all the components of the welding machine.

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