New welding software monitors machine performance for productivity and cost efficiencies

Technological advances have led to the development of new generations of welding machines designed to deliver greater performance, precision, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety. However, companies operating multiple welding machines in their workshops may find it difficult to track the performance and cost efficiencies of each device to determine whether the actual outcomes match up to the expected return on investment.

New welding monitoring software is helping companies take a fresh look at the performance of their welding machines through comprehensive data analysis, allowing them to correct inefficiencies, increase productivity, extend machine life and reduce costs.

The EWM Xnet welding monitoring solution, exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by leading gases and engineering company, BOC, is a user-friendly factory software that allows managers and operators to monitor the performance of the workshop’s welding machines through real-time data logging. Available for use with all high performance EWM welding machines, the EWM Xnet software can track and record performance data from each machine, enabling users to analyse, control and manage this welding data for further action.

EWM Xnet allows workshops to monitor multiple EWM welding machines at the same time through a single centralised hub. Networked using Wi-Fi or LAN with each machine having its own IP address, all the welding devices in the workshop can be tracked and their performance data recorded to reveal actual equipment utilisation, wire usage and energy consumption (daily, weekly and monthly), and even the volts, amps and program being used in each welding task. Heat input in real-time can additionally be calculated to make sure fine grain steel welds retain their strength even after welding.

Workshop managers can use the historical welding data to ascertain the uptime, usage and standby time of their EWM welding machines; get a breakdown of consumption costs for welding consumables and power usage for each project; and maintain weld integrity and compliance. Companies can use this historical welding data from Xnet to prove that their welds meet industry regulations and standards.

Companies using EWM Xnet welding monitoring software benefit from significantly enhanced productivity in processes, better weld quality, greater energy efficiency and optimised consumable usage, all leading to substantial cost savings. Workshop managers can also use the welding data to schedule planned maintenance for their machines. Real time welding data will additionally help companies confirm that welding procedures meet the client’s approval.

The EWM Xnet welding monitoring software is available from BOC, a Member of The Linde Group, and the exclusive distributor of EWM products in Australia and New Zealand.

View a short video on how EWM Xnet welding monitoring software can make a visible difference to your workshop’s productivity, welding machine performance and cost efficiency.

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