New ventilation software launched

Chasm Consulting has released the latest version of its mine ventilation simulation software.

The new version, Ventsim 4.1, includes a number of upgraded features to aid operators in building better and more accurate models, and more precise simulations, Chasm said.

Performance has been a major focus, with Ventsim 4.1 “300 per cent faster [in] simulation for VentFIRE and Dynamic Simulation.

It also has a revised optional ‘quick’ method, as well as preconfigured quick settings for VentFIRE.

Chasm has also implemented “improvements to the airflow simulation algorithm for difficult-to-balance models”.

A new feature of the software is Deswik.CAD compatibility.

“Deswik.CAD can now export a fully scheduled mine plan into a Ventsim file. Ventsim airways are automatically built at the correct size and shape, including stope or orebody graphics/reference files, and are automatically assigned to different stages to show the mine development over time,” Chasm said.

Reference graphic layering and staging capacities of the software now allow for reference object graphics to be assigned to Ventsim primary and secondary layers and stages.

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