New tests target miners using fake urine

A range of specialist tests are being developed to catch-out those trying to cheat drug tests.

Australian Workplace Drug Testing Services are working on a range of specialist tests which aim to target the complex issues of drug testing, including the use of fake urine, or urine that has not come directly from the subject.

The company's managing director Tony Graham said the Beat the Cheats program aimed to tackle the increasing number of people who tried to cheat their way to passing drug tests, The Bulletin reports.

"There are a number of products available that could help somebody potentially beat a drug test, but we have spent a lot of time developing comprehensive methods to stop the possibility of this happening," he said.

"The people we have worked with are among the best in the world in the field of synthetics and have the most up-to-date knowledge and technology of detecting these substances, which as many would know are regularly changing."

As Australian Mining reported earlier this month, the prevalence of synthetic urine is increasing in the Pilbara as more workers look to get around drug tests.

Police inspector Peter Morrissey explained that the police are finding more of the fake urine amongst people employed in mining, the ABC reports.

"We have been locating small seizures of this substance but [recently] we have undertaken a number of search warrants across the district and the reports that we are getting back from officers is that it is becoming a lot more prevalent," he said.

"They are locating synthetic urine at houses associated with drug dealers and people who use drugs."

Although the urine itself is not illegal, there are concerns it is being used to cheat onsite drug tests.

Earlier this year a 26 year old make faced court over charges of tampering with a urine test to score a mining job.

Urine testing has been a contentious issue in the mining industry, with unions pressing to replace it with saliva testing.


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