New technology will solve “green opposition” to fracking

WA Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore says companies developing shale gas need to look toward new technology to overcome "green opposition" to the industry.

Speaking at a Swedish Embassy mining conference in Perth today, Moore said natural gas was one of WA's most valuable assets, but the industry was only in its early stages.

More said there was around 288tcf of unconventional gas available in WA, primarily in the Kimberley, and the deposits eclipsed the state's vast offshore reserves, which totalled around 140tcf.

But Moore said while there was huge potential for the onshore gas industry in WA community opposition remained a significant challenge for the sector.

"I think its very important for those in the unconventional gas business to develop significant technological improvements to overcome the green opposition to fracking, which is very much part of the political agenda at this point in time," he said.

In his opening address to the conference Moore said while activity in the resources sector had slowed down over recent months, the mining boom was only "levelling off".

He said as the next stage of the boom progressed new developments in technology and productivity were vital to securing the success of the resources sector.

Image: Carbon Signal

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