New sulphate removal process developed

Veolia Water Technologies have been granted a patent for the recirculation of sludge for its sulphate removal technology LoSO4, which is used to treat wastewater from mining operations for discharge or reuse.

The process was developed in response to strict regulations limiting sulphates in surface water discharges and to increased interest in the reuse of mine water for other purposes.

It has been designed to improve the method to lower sulphate levels in mine water effluent below 100mg/l, and generate clean water for reuse. The newly issued patent supports the crystal recovery/sludge recycling process of the LoSO4 technology and is the second patent related to this invention. The innovation separates aluminium-based crystals from the precipitated sludge of the LoSO4 technology to recycle them back into the system from reuse.

It boosts crystal growth which improves the removal of sulphate and other solids from the wastewater stream.

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