New staff new risks

Australia faces a new staffing deficit

Post recession the Australian mining sector is set for a massive bounce back and investment opportunities are rife.

This has not gone unnoticed by the executive community who are meeting at the NG Mining Australia summit hosted by GDS International.

With Western Australia seeing more than $72 billion worth of investment into ‘resource project plans’ such as mining, the only failing on the horizon is a lack of skilled workers.

An urgent meeting has been set to discuss the workforce deficient expected to hit the industry within the next two years.

The meeting was called after concerns had been raised that a skill shortage could hamper possibilities for growth.

The industry has been calling for a long term strategic approach to combat the problem and leaders from Aquila Resources, OM holdings Limited, Mount Gibson Iron and Kingsgate Consolidated have responded by setting the date for the NG Mining summit in May.

“To ensure the same failings aren’t made this time round we must ensure that we are not just meeting the staffing shortage but providing high quality, skilled workers. Increased staffing also leads to increased health and safety risks, equipment increases and the need for constant technological advances to keep up with the high demand we are expecting” said a spokesman for the NG Mining Vision committee.

Latest figures show that 30% of companies based in Australia are expecting to add staff in the June quarter and we can confidently say that the market has taken a complete turn from this time last year reaching figures last seen before the economic downturn.

The summit will look at when is the best time to hire and whether the government investment into technological research been as key driving force.

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