New South Wales welcomes new Minerals Minister

Following a sudden cabinet re-shuffle, NSW sees the instalment of a new Minister for Minerals.

New South Wales has seen the appointment of Peter Primrose as the new Minister for Minerals, following the sudden departure of the former minister Ian Macdonald. Following the reshuffling of Premier Rees cabinet, Macdonald was removed from the position which he has held for the last five years. Mr. Rees commented on the sacking of Macdonald, saying that he has made it very clear that this is a fresh approach. He continued, saying that he told the community it would be seeing more of Rees agenda and more of his priorities.

The NSW Minerals Council Chief Executive, Nikki Williams, has stated “we have some challenges ahead, but we look forward to continuing a constructive relationship with the NSW Government through Minister Primrose.” She went on to say that “I would also like to thank and commend the former minister Ian Macdonald for his contribution over the past five years.”

Newly appointed to the front bench, the new Minister for Minerals Peter Primrose also takes on regulatory reform.

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