New Solutions To Significantly Reduce TCO And Boost HSEQ

Total Mining Solutions is the banner under which Total, one of the top five multinational integrated oil companies, offers mining customers a range of products and services designed to lower their costs.

Total Mining Solutions supplies fuel, lubricants and associated services to mining companies in over 50 countries around the world.

With a worldwide network of blending plants, terminals and depot Total’s supply reaches mining sites even to the most remote areas.

Partnering with Total

For decades Total has worked with mining customers’ worldwide and this has allowed Total to develop expertise in assisting mines to optimise their oil management and usage.

  1. Total assists mining companies in reducing their total cost

Total uses its experience by transferring best practice gained by working with over 200 mining customers to identify lubricant related improvements on the mine site. Then, together with your teams, the Total team implements projects that will contribute to reducing the sites Total Cost of Operations (TCO), while at the same time ensuring the protection of the machines and Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) requirements. Typically, these projects can be the implementation of new lubrication procedures, changes in the storage infrastructure, or even the introduction of energy efficient and fuel saving lubricants.

One example is in the UK where Total contributed in saving over £128,000 (A$212,000) to the aggregates provider Lafarge Tarmac in Mountsorrel Quarry.

“After reviewing the switch to Rubia Works 2000 FE 10W30 around nine months later, we calculated fuel savings over of £128,000. When you are running an operation at full capacity five days a week, this is a significant saving,” says the Production Manager of Lafarge Tarmac, Mountsorrel.

  1. Total assists mining companies in managing their fuel and lubricants from A to Z

From the refinery to the mine site, Total Mining Solutions covers the entire supply chain ensuring reliable delivery and efficient oil management:

  • Safety Programmes – Maintaining high health and safety standards is a priority for our mining partners, therefore Total has developed several stringent programs that benefit the various stakeholders on the mine site. This includes stringent Transport Management programs aimed at making the transportation of petroleum products safer through constant driver training and permanent monitoring of the delivery fleet.

“The Total Team keeps safety as its highest priority while providing supply and inventory management services for hydrocarbons to our mining sites.” – A top five mining company based in Australia

  • Decreased Operating Cost – Our fluid management solutions contribute to optimise stock, maintenance and oil consumption while preventing fraud. Examples are maintenance software, lubrication tools or fluid analysis laboratories.
  • Improved Fuel and Lubricants Cleanliness – In compliance with the needs of equipment manufacturers’ requirement, Total provides filtration systems dedicated to diminish oil contamination and thus decrease mining equipment breakdowns.

“Total constantly supplies a high level of service associated with lubricants deliveries, as we never experienced any stock shortage neither quality issues.” – A top 5 mining company based in Australia

  • Innovative Energy Solutions – Total also provides a full range of innovative, competitive and sustainable solar solutions designed to meet the mining needs.

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