New social network launched for mining industry people

A new social media app launched last week is set to bring the global mining community closer together.

Mineler is a web-based platform launched by a Perth-based startup of the same name, with over 60,000 pre-registered members at the time of its launch.

The new social network is designed to connect all types of mining people and provide a platform for them to find jobs on mining projects, and other business or contract opportunities.

Companies can post jobs, contracts and tenders on the platform, however individual members pay a subscription fee for the service.

Mineler marketing manager Cam Sinclair said the app will give people in the mining industry a social marketplace ein which they can share ideas and work history, talk about experiences, and interact on a site-location basis using geolocation, StartupSmart reported.

“The mining industry is kind of unique in that it’s based around remote and distant projects,” he said.

“Often, you’ll find people sharing ideas based on what sites they’re on, and you get a sense of community there.”

“The idea was always that mining, which is perceived as very innovative on one side, in the mining technologies, mining machines and everything that comes with it.

“But it’s also very antiquated when it comes to people, management, labour and how it does those things.

“What we really wanted to do is actually help mining companies digitise the latest management practices, including the outsourcing of labour and people, by creating a global marketplace.”

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