New ‘severe duty’ buckets developed

Doosan has developed a new range of severe duty buckets for crawler excavators.

The buckets are designed for operators who need buckets that can work in abrasive materials in heavy digging and loading applications.

The buckets are approved for use with Doosan’s DX140LC-5 through to its DX530LC-5 crawler excavators.

They are available in both pin-on and wedge-lock style.

According to Doosan, its severe duty buckets are available in sizes ranging from 45 centimetres to 1.82 metres for larger Doosan excavators.

The buckets have been built with abrasive resistant materials for increased protection when digging in loose rocks, open pit, or quarry operations, with the side cutters, shell bottoms, side wear plates, and weld-on shroud also built from the similar material.

Reinforcing gussets have been added to increase the strength of machine fitting joint on the bucket.

Front wear pads have been included to provide extra protection from rocks and other materials.

An abrasive wear strap also comes as standard.

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