New raise boring machine set for Australian release

Sandvik is set to release the first Rhino 100HM raise boring machine in Australia next year.

The machine is a new type of highly mobile, self-contained, raise borer for underground production drilling.

It has been supported in the Australian market by contractor Byrencut Australia which aims to add it to their fleet when it arrives.

The borer minimises the risks associated with current methods of drilling up hole slots. It removes the operator from having to enter the hole or the immediate area around it as all lifting is performed via the purpose built mobile crane on the deck of the carrier. It further reduces the risk of manual handling injuries that are a high risk factor with conventional box hole machines.

The borer has less than 30 minute set up and demobilisation times as well as high mobility on their wheels. It does not require any additional resources or utilities other than the ones already established.

The machine is highly mobile and everything is transported on the carrier – a first for the Australian market – and mine owners no longer have to sacrifice other resources such as personnel and machines, to assist in moving any equipment around the mine.

Multiple short slot raises can now be produced accurately and cost effectively at production rates of up to 500 metres a month. One of the main modifications to the machine is the inclination of the drill to suit typical ore bodies in Australia. It has the option of a 30-degree rotation either way and a 15-degree dump to enhance the drill’s versatility, allowing the machine to drill up to 2m an hour at an angle.

The raise borer also includes a quiet and ergonomic operating cabin with the Rhino SMART operating system installed to further assist operators. Additionally, optional remote monitoring capabilities can be achieved by installing cameras to track the operation.

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