New plant control system for increased efficiency

Rockwell’s new PlantPAx Distributed Control System helps industrial producers modernise their plants and reduce time to market. The PlantPAx System 4.0 release includes more than sixty new features and capabilities addressing automation productivity, enabling technology and enhanced control.

The system is the first single, plant-wide technology shared between a distributed control system (DCS) and other automation systems, making it the Modern DCS. It drives down capital expenditures, provides operational benefits, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

The system includes enhancements in controller configuration capabilities in Logix Designer, a new system-wide configuration environment, Studio 5000 Architect, and Studio 5000 Application Code Manager. Studio 5000 represents a broader strategy to integrate system design tools and increase automation productivity, with a focus to help producers build systems using this platform in the most productive way.

A new component in Studio 5000, Studio 5000 Architect, allows users a view into the application, inclusive of visualisation and controllers, from a single application tree. Users can modify the application by launching directly into the object being edited (in View Studio or Logix Designer) and search for a control loop and launch into the configuration without concern about which controller the loop is in. This simplifies the deployment of new systems, including deployment of Rockwell Automation Libraries.

In addition, the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects now includes Process Strategies, pre-built routines using the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects in the context of their intended use. This includes control strategies for I/O processing, device control, and regulatory control.

The PlantPAx Application Configuration User manual explains how to import the strategy and simply map to the I/O using program parameters. This greatly reduces the time it takes to deploy a new control loop.

The PlantPAx system helps users to make better, faster decisions, allowing them to respond more quickly to customers’ demands and fast-changing specifications.

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