New plan to have WA miners pay more for training

The WA Nationals have flagged plans to introduce a new levy on major resources projects, with the money going towards training new construction workers.

The West Australian reports the 0.2 per cent levy would target mining construction projects worth over $20,000.

WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls pledged to introduce the policy if the party retains the balance of power in the state election next month.

Grylls told reporters the mining industry often benefited from workers who had been trained outside the sector, and it was “fair” for miners to contribute to a Construction Industry Training Fund.

“There is no doubt the mining sector spends a lot of money on training, but there is also no doubt the mining sector is the beneficiary of a lot of training done by people other than themselves,” he said.

Asked whether he thought the levy would stop some projects getting off the ground, Grylls said skill shortages were a greater problem for the industry.

“At the moment I think the biggest risk is a lack of skills into the future. This is about investing in skills,” he said.

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