New minerals sand mine in NSW operational by 2014

Bemax Metals has announced a new mine it hopes to have up and running in New South Wales in the next few years.

The minerals sand miner is working towards the Campaspe mine in the Balranald district being operational by 2013 or 2014.

Approvals are still required for the project, where Bemax says it will transport the minerals from the mine back to its existing plant in Broken Hill.

“The Campaspe deposit adds to our already significant holdings in the region,” Bemax said in a statement.

“ It is expected that such resources are capable of sustaining mining by Bemax in the Murray Basin for over 50 years.”

Managing director Gavin Swart said the mine location was carefully considered before the company settled on the project there.

"There’s a multitude of factors that go in to choosing mines,” he said.

“It’s a combination of overburden removal, it’s a function of grade, it’s a function of the infrastructure that’s in place, it’s a function of what you want to do at each stage and downstream processing.

"So once you mix all of those up and you find which option provides the best possible choice, that’s where you come up with your answer."

Image: Bemax Resources Ltd

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