New mine runner developed

A new all-purpose mine runner will be launched in Australia.

Astec Australia has launched the BTI Mine Runner with a range of features, including a payload capacity of 1.18 tonnes, low maintenance costs, low fuel usage, a long life cycle, and operational flexibility.

Already tested on Canadian mines, the vehicles are slated to hit Australia in the coming months.

According to Astec national product manager John Williams, "initial feedback, has so far highlighted some additional features that would be nice to have; we've listened to that feedback and been able to adjust the specification or add as an option to the offer".
Those changes include right hand drive; collision avoidance systems; ROPS / FOPS personnel carriers with forward facing seats; and integratable with special service options – like scissor lifts, ambulance and explosive transports etc.

Following its release in Australia, Astec said it will hold a number of field trial days and mine sit trials.



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