New material spreader body launched

Philippi-Hagenbuch has released the new Material Spreader Body to enhance mine haul road maintenance efficiency.

It improves the safety and traction of haul roads by applying road grit, and tackles deteriorating road areas by spreading repair material and building up areas.

The heart of the system is a patented PHIL Rear-Eject Body coupled with the new Material Spreader attachment. The Material Spreader spreads road grit, sand or other material ranging in size from very fine to more than 5cm. Operators can adjust the material spreading width from 4.6m to more than 18m, controlling the spreading rate and width from the truck’s cab.

An optional top-loading Grizzly Screen controls the maximum size of the material being spread. The ejector blade on the PHIL Rear-Eject Body moves material to the rear of the body and into a Cross Auger Channel which gathers material to the centre of the spreader and then discharges it onto a set of Material Spinners for spreading.

The system is made with Hardox 450 steel and designed to increase productivity.

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