New Ingersoll Rand air compressor series released in Australia

Referred to as the ‘fifth utility’, air compressors play a vital role in the mining industry. While compressed air is a valuable resource on any mine site, the costs of running air compressors can be high – accounting for up to 20 per cent of energy costs in an underground mine.

Even small improvements to airflow and specific power gains can provide substantial savings when it comes to capital and running costs. The new Ingersoll Rand Next Generation R-Series oil-flooded, rotary screw air compressors boast features that enable these improvements. These compressors are now available on the local market through CAPS Australia.

“The new air-end design features a highly-advanced rotor profile and bearing layout; this improves the energy efficiency of the compressor and optimises the gear design, operating at a lower speed than its predecessor,” explains Paolo Lazzari, product manager for compressed air products with CAPS.

“As a result, it is providing between 8 to 14 per cent more air flow. This means the consumer can potentially downsize their compressor or have spare capacity if required. In terms of specific power, in some models Ingersoll Rand has reduced the specific power of their compressors by as much as nine per cent, providing the consumer double the saving on capital and running costs.”

Besides the upgraded bearing and gearing systems, the RS models offer generously-sized air filters that have separate intake compartments. The compression system is also modeled with advanced analytics to reduce low-pressure drops. Reducing the pressure drop across the inlet filter and providing the compressor with cool air will improve on a compressor’s efficiency.

The benefits of the recently released RS series have already been realised by clients in the Australian mining sector.

“In the first week of the launch of the RS Series, CAPS received an order for two RS45kW units for a mining house. The feedback that we received was second to none,” Lazzari said. “The customer commended CAPS on our exceptional service and then proceeded to advise us that the units were running at the plant without any hiccups and they had already experienced an energy saving of above 10 per cent within the first two weeks of operation.”

Other notable features of the RS series:

  • An intelligent controller system where users can optimise their operational parameters to improve productivity and reliability
  • High efficiency main drive motor
  • Electronic no-loss drains
  • Leak-free design
  • Pre-filtration to keep dust and dirt out

According to Lazzari, the new series will have appeal to “any customers that want to improve their productivity and are looking to increase their profitability with reduced capital and running costs.”

For further information on the new RS Series range, contact CAPS on 1800 800 878 or visit

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